My Journey Into the Future of Family Memory Keeping

My Journey Into the Future of Family Memory Keeping

Preserving memories is a vital mission. Once you understand FOREVER, it’s clear why the world needs it - but how do you spread the message? You can’t tell people what they need…but, sometimes, you can show them. And now, it’s easier than ever to pave the way. We wrote a book.

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The Gift of FOREVER, written by Glen & Henry Meakem, is the story of an entrepreneur and his team as they build an important new company. It is also a bold vision for the future of family memory keeping and sharing that every parent and grandparent who loves family photos, videos, and documents – as well as every genealogist and family historian – must read.

From the book…

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The drive was as beautiful as the day. I was in no rush, so I stopped and saw gorgeous, tall California Red Wood trees and breathed the clear mountain air filled with the fragrances of both forest and sea. Then I drove along the Pacific Coast, stopping to walk along the beach. The whole time, I was thinking about my grandfather and all the family memories we possessed in our basement, on various computers and on our phones. I realized that all this material could be lost or deleted, and the memories lost to our family and to history.” …

“FOREVER Storage is unique because people who own it retain complete ownership of the content they store in the internet cloud at There is no data-mining or advertising, and we do not sell information about our clients to anyone. FOREVER guarantees that it will store and preserve the content saved by FOREVER Storage owners for their lifetimes, plus 100 years, with a goal of many, many generations beyond. … And FOREVER is complete – people sync their phones, convert old memories to digital, tag, share online, create, and print all from their FOREVER accounts.”

About the author…

Glen Meakem is the Founder & CEO of, the complete memory keeping service in the cloud where people save, organize, and share memories today, tomorrow, and for generations.

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Prior to FOREVER, Glen was the Founder & CEO of FreeMarkets – a successful business-to-business e-commerce company which he took public on the NASDAQ exchange in a record-setting IPO. Glen and his team later executed a successful merger with Ariba, and the combined company was later incorporated into SAP. Glen has also supported and invested in other entrepreneurs as a super-angel investor and venture capitalist. Successful investments include Kiva Systems, which is now part of Amazon, and Hotpads, which is now part of Zillow.

Early in his career, Glen was a product manager at Kraft, a consultant with McKinsey & Company, and a manager at General Electric. He also volunteered and served in the combat zone as a U.S. Army Officer in the First Gulf War. Glen earned his B.A. cum laude from Harvard University, which he attended on an Army scholarship, and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Among other honors, he has been named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Glen and his wife, Diane, have five adult children and two terrific sons-in-law.

Get busy reading!

Whether you’re an Ambassador or a client, new to our world or tenured, young, old, and everywhere in between, we know one thing for sure: FOREVER is for you, and The Gift of FOREVER will help you realize it.

You can purchase a Pre-First Edition Copy TODAY! This collectors item is only available while supplies last, and it will be signed by Author & CEO Glen Meakem himself. Still not sure? Stay tuned for our official First Edition release in October.

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"The Gift of FOREVER": A Review

"The Gift of FOREVER": A Review

It's Time to Get (Photo) Printing!

It's Time to Get (Photo) Printing!