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Remembering Chris

By Karen Speth

Thanks to the folks who created, my son Chris will never be forgotten. Organizing his life story was much easier because all the photos that his Dad, his grandparents, and I had ever taken of him are all in one place, permanently preserved and accessible to the whole family.

Snapfish Accidentally Deleted my Photos

By Gina Janaszek

I was always afraid of losing my photos in the computer, so I started loading them on Snapfish back in 2001. It was July, 2013 when I went into my account and noticed some videos and photos were missing. Actually, all of my videos were gone. I messaged the company and all they could say was “we deleted them by mistake.” Those videos and photos were priceless.

Preparing your Life Journey

By Harold Waggoner

A recent funeral which I attended included a presentation of a slide show containing photos of the high points of the deceased's lifetime. So, my wife and I decided to prepare titled slide photos of our respective "Life Journeys."

5 Awesome Gift Ideas for One Awesome Mom

By Michaela Elliott

Do you have a special mom in your life? Whether that person is your own mother, your mother-in-law, your sister, your daughter, or a close friend, she deserves to be celebrated on Mother's Day! But we know that finding the perfect gift can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we've helped you out with some great Mother's Day gift ideas!


By Lori Lafferty

if you have considered becoming an Ambassador and have yet to go forward on your journey, let my personal story give you the motivation to try. Take the next step. And don't just stop at being a personal use Ambassador. You'd be missing out on so much! This will be an unexpected ride full of wonderful things and what you can achieve is immeasurable. #stillonaride

Preserving My Sister's Memory for the Future

By Laura Maguire

When my sister turned 50, I made her a scrapbook photo album of pictures of her from birth through life. It had her as a baby, a young child, a teen, a bride and a young mother, and showed her amazing, unselfish personality that we all knew and loved. Now, all her grandchildren will get to know what a special grandmother they have.

We want to hear from YOU!

By Michaela Elliott

I found myself sitting at my desk this morning, pondering what sort of blog articles would appeal to our readers (AKA you!) Then, it hit me. Why should I ask myself what our readers like, when I can ask them? After all, nobody knows what you want better than you do!

FOREVER Genealogy Month is Coming to a Close

By Michaela Elliott

 spent the month of February celebrating family stories. We care about you and your memories and want to give you an opportunity to share them. So, we created FOREVER Genealogy Month and encouraged all of our followers to share FOREVER albums of their families on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, along with hashtag #foreverfamily.The results were thrilling!

How Many Photos Were Taken Last Year?

By Richard Oneslager

2017 was an amazing year, and we took a lot of photos - about 7.5 trillion, in fact. Take a look at this info graphic summarizing our findings for interesting facts about what we snap, who we snap, and where we snap - as well as what we do with all those photos! And enjoy capturing your memories this year - we expect to see even more photos taken in 2018!