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Trust the Company, Not the Proximity, for your Media Conversion

By Michaela Elliott

Family photos and videos are priceless - handing them over to a stranger to be digitized is scary. To many, even scarier is the idea of putting those precious items in the mail and shipping them to a distant location to be converted.

But the expertise and reputation of the service doing the converting is much more important than its proximity. Denise Cummings, a FOREVER customer, can attest to that.

What Took Me So Long?!

By Sylvia Bland

What took me so long to start getting my precious memories converted, I will never know, but I am thankful for FOREVER. I can hardly wait for all of my precious memories to be converted and safely preserved in my FOREVER Account!

Goodwill Reminds Us of the Importance of Preserving Memories

By Michaela Elliott

Last month, a story piqued the interest of people across the country. Kristie Baeumert, a resident of Georgia, found a wealth of slides from the mid-20th century in an old projector that she had bought at a local thrift store. The photos featured a beautiful, elegant family, the names or information of whom was completely missing (CNN).

My Secret to Living in the Moment

By Tameka Bond

Recently, FOREVER launched Collaborative Albums. It’s a game-changer! They enabled me to create one album that all 32 attendees of our event could upload to. All anyone needed was a FOREVER Account. Our group was able to share over 500 photos with each other. Now, we have a lasting, cohesive memory of our trip!

Celebrating My Husband's Life

By Barrie Perrottino

My husband recently passed away and I needed pictures for the memory book I was creating for his Celebration of Life.  I wanted pictures of him alone as well as with each member of the family, but many of the photos I wanted needed to be digitized. With FOREVER Media Conversion Services, I was able to use all the pictures I wanted for the book and it turned out amazing!  I received many compliments on it, and the digitally converted pictures were of great quality.