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Snapfish Accidentally Deleted my Photos

By Gina Janaszek

I was always afraid of losing my photos in the computer, so I started loading them on Snapfish back in 2001. It was July, 2013 when I went into my account and noticed some videos and photos were missing. Actually, all of my videos were gone. I messaged the company and all they could say was “we deleted them by mistake.” Those videos and photos were priceless.

FOREVER Genealogy Month is Coming to a Close

By Michaela Elliott

 spent the month of February celebrating family stories. We care about you and your memories and want to give you an opportunity to share them. So, we created FOREVER Genealogy Month and encouraged all of our followers to share FOREVER albums of their families on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, along with hashtag #foreverfamily.The results were thrilling!