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A Valentine’s Day Gift to Remember

By Craig Bogley

With our family “growing” smaller, I really wanted to create something special for the two most important women in my life: my wife, Linda, and my cousin, Cathy. What better DAY to present the gifts than Valentine’s Day, a day about love? What better WAY to celebrate love than a special memory book that, as you turn each page, shows a precious memory from a cherished friend or family member?

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #1

By Michaela Elliott

We've been telling you for a long time that an exciting new product coming to FOREVER. You've been waiting, and we've been working hard to keep our promise. Well, this year at FOREVER Live!, you'll be personally involved with one of the most exciting product launches in our company's history. 

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #2

By Michaela Elliott

We've almost reached the end of our countdown, and you know what that means, right? There are only TWO AND A HALF WEEKS left until FOREVER Live! 2018! We hope you're as excited as we are. The Home Office has been a buzz of excitement as we prepare to host you in our office. WE ARE FAMILY and we can't wait to show you what that means to us! In that vein, when you attend FOREVER Live! this year...

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #3

By Michaela Elliott

At FOREVER Live!, you'll learn all about how FOREVER Club can take your business to the next level! Be the envy of all your friends with awesome, exclusive FOREVER Club swag. And that's not all! All FOREVER Club members will be invited to special members-only sessions at FOREVER Live! You really don't want to miss out on this

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #4

By Michaela Elliott

You know what July means, don't you? It means that FOREVER Live! 2018 is just one month away! Here in Pittsburgh, the Home Office Team is excitedly preparing to host over 300 of our favorite people in our home city. If you've been to Pittsburgh before, then we hope you're excited to be back. If you've never been, you're in for a treat! In this blog post, we'll share some of the best parts of Pittsburgh - and some of the awesome things you'll get to do here!

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #9

By Michaela Elliott

Are you curious about Reason #9 for attending our biggest and best event of the year, FOREVER Live! 2018? Did you tear yourself away from a family barbecue or pool party because you just couldn't stand the suspense? (Or, are you taking a break from your FOREVER projects? These Black Friday sales are insane, right?!) We understand that you're busy. That's why we're going to keep this week's blog post short and sweet:

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #10

By Michaela Elliott

As you may have read in our blog post last week, there are so many reasons to attend FOREVER Live! that it's impossible to list them all. Between incredible personal and business growth opportunities, workshops dedicated to creative exploration, and tons of fun, there's no doubt that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We've selected our 10 Top favorite reasons to attend FOREVER Live!, and here is #10…

5 Awesome Gift Ideas for One Awesome Mom

By Michaela Elliott

Do you have a special mom in your life? Whether that person is your own mother, your mother-in-law, your sister, your daughter, or a close friend, she deserves to be celebrated on Mother's Day! But we know that finding the perfect gift can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we've helped you out with some great Mother's Day gift ideas!


By Lori Lafferty

if you have considered becoming an Ambassador and have yet to go forward on your journey, let my personal story give you the motivation to try. Take the next step. And don't just stop at being a personal use Ambassador. You'd be missing out on so much! This will be an unexpected ride full of wonderful things and what you can achieve is immeasurable. #stillonaride

FOREVER Incentive Trip 2018: Los Cabos

By Tara Claborn

I spent 5 magical days last week in Los Cabos, Mexico, with a wonderful group of friends, co-workers, and passionate share-ers of It was a trip full of fun, relaxation, strategy, and education. I was reminded how special FOREVER is and I can't wait to keep sharing it with the world!