Every Mom’s Secret Weapon: The Forever Mobile App


While you may know her as a mother, friend or wife; someone who nursed you when you were sick, who taught you right from wrong and everything in between, Forever considers many of the women we know as warriors for preservation. They are stealthy, nimble and devoted to protecting their family’s stories for generations to come. But even warriors need that thing which makes them invincible: a secret weapon. When it comes to digital preservation, our warrior women deploy the award-winning Forever Mobile App. With it on her side, she can instantly preserve cherished moments that make up her everyday. She no longer has to worry about dropping her phone as she juggles soccer practice and ballet. The fear of misplacing it among the chaos of life simply vanishes. When she snaps a photo with the Mobile App, it is instantly saved to her FOREVER site, securing it for her lifetime plus 100 years.

The following list contains just a few examples of items that she can capture using the Forever Mobile App:

o   School Plays

o   Children’s Artwork

o   Grandma’s Cookie Recipe

o   Baby’s First Steps

With our Mobile App, a Forever mom always has a secret weapon at her side to take matters into her own hands and secure the love and traditions of her family. With the Forever Mobile App, it is as though she has an army of 10,000 on her side – armed and ready to fight the noble fight for preservation.


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