Dusty to Digital - Preserving Forgotten Treasures




All too often people think that they have nothing to say or have a story to tell. They assume they have nothing of value to leave behind for future generations to enjoy, admire or celebrate.

But a person's legacy isn’t about epic tales of heroism, grand accomplishments or career success. Instead, it’s about all the little moments that make them who they are.  And more importantly, it’s about the people who were there with them making those moments happen... their family.

Discovering Forgotten Moments

Not too long ago I was cleaning my apartment in an attempt to once and for all rid myself of the junk. During my excavation, I came across a box filled with objects that seemed to clank. I yanked at the tape on the top and sides of the box which then revealed forgotten treasures ...old marathon medals from years ago. I reached in and pulled them all out in a twisted mass. As I ran my fingers over the varying shapes of metal looped through wide ribbon engraved with the location of each race I ran, I was flooded with memories.

  • Baltimore was shaped like a crab – that’s where I ran my best race to date.
  • Maui was a fish - my first time in Hawaii.
  • And then there was Pittsburgh with a replica of one of the many bridges the city holds. Pittsburgh was the race my dad came to watch every year. He’d brave the crowds, and wait patiently by the finish line to get a picture with me. Despite being salty and drained, I smiled wide in each picture.

To add to the memories, I found square sheets of paper printed with giant black numbers beneath the medals - my race bibs! Eight medals matching eight bibs. And it hit me... “what do I do with this stuff?”

Preserving What Matters

These were important to me. I couldn’t carelessly toss them within the confines of cardboard walls any more. So I sat back and thought about my options. I knew I didn’t want to display them in my home or make the bibs into a purse or craft project, it just wasn’t my style. I could give them to my dad to hang on to, but then they’d just be collecting dust in a different box. Looking back through each race – all of the miles, the sweat and the ice on my sore knees – I realized that these keepsakes deserved to shine.

Forever Media Services

I decided to dedicate an album on my Forever site to ‘running’. Here’s how it happened:

  • I worked with the fantastic team of Forever digital archivists who helped me organize and capture the bibs and medals in a series of timeless photographs.
  • Then they provided insight on how to best arrange them on my Forever site to tell the story of my achievements.
  • Now, thanks to the Media Conversion Services team at Forever, these objects are no longer hidden away. Rather, they are proudly displayed in a secure digital home.



It’s an indescribable feeling knowing that my race memorabilia is permanently preserved on my Forever site. I like to think of my running album as a ‘digital trophy case’ that I can visit from any computer or even my smartphone via the beautiful and award-winning Forever Mobile App.

I still run 4 days a week.  I am training for my next marathon and look forward to adding to my collection. I can’t wait for the day when I have children and can share this piece of myself with them.  Maybe it will inspire them to create and preserve stories of their own.

I’m proof that you don’t need to scale mountains or conquer cities to have a story to tell. Remember, it's about the journey and all the moments along the way that comprise a person's story.

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