5 New FOREVER Enhancements

5 New FOREVER Enhancements

As you know, we had a fantastic time at FOREVER Live! 2019. One of the best parts of the event - and certainly one of the most crucial - was gathering feedback from our community about the FOREVER platform. We take this feedback very seriously and are constantly striving to provide the best possible experience to every user.

At FOREVER Live! last month, we received many interesting requests and points of feedback. After the event ended, our team (marketing, engineering, design, and more) met up and discussed these opportunities. We set out a timeline and got to work. And now, one month later, five of the most requested enhancements are in place. They’ll make organizing in your FOREVER Account easier and more fun than ever. Go ahead and check them out now - as of this morning, they're live on FOREVER.com!

Enhancement 1: Choose your landing page!

We’re all about YOU having control of your FOREVER experience. That includes where you land when you log in or visit your account! Just go to Account Settings, click Preferences, and check out the new Landing Page options. Choose from landing at your library (default) or your profile page! Check out the screenshots below for step-by-step instructions.


Enhancement 2: Control what you see in “Shared Albums I’ve Visited”

You now have control over which albums you see under the Shared Albums I’ve Visited tab! Did you recently check out a shared album that you don’t plan on visiting again? Simply remove it from Shared Albums I’ve Visited and make room for other shared albums! Check out the screenshots below - it’s easy!


Enhancement 3: Find content easily with auto-complete search!

Searching for specific files, albums, tags, descriptions, or people in your FOREVER Account is now easier than ever! Simply start typing information in the search bars found on the library, albums, tags, or Friends & Family pages and your content will filter out as you type! It’s never been easier to find your content!


Enhancement 4: Keep your search filters in place in your FOREVER Library!

Organizing your account is more seamless than ever with this new functionality! First, if you’re using a specific filter while organizing in your library and move to another page (to visit an album, for example), the filters you applied will still be in place when you return to your library. They’ll stay in place until you exit your browser!

Plus, notice that your library will automatically reflect the organization you recently applied based on any filters you’re using. For example, if you’re filtering your library by Not in Album and you add a photo from this filtered view to an album, that file will instantly be removed from the filtered view!

Enhancement 5: See a consistent layout on your profile page!

Finally, we received feedback from many of you that the sizes of album covers on your profile page was an unexpected and inconsistent experience. Many of you requested that we present albums on the profile page the same way we present them on the album page. So, we’ve made that change! Check it out! For example, see my profile page below.


We are listening to you!

There you have it. We’re listening to you and your concerns, requests, comments, and feedback! We hope that these enhancements will make your FOREVER experience smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. And, you can always share additional feedback with us at support@forever.com! And stay tuned for additional improvements in the weeks and months ahead.

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