New FOREVER Enhancements

New FOREVER Enhancements

One of the most important parts of FOREVER Live! - our yearly convention - is the opportunity we have to gather feedback from our Ambassadors and loyal FOREVER users. We take this feedback very seriously. We're always striving to improve our software so that every user has the best possible experience.

One advantage that FOREVER has is that our team is smart, agile, highly capable, and very effective at developing, testing, and implementing ideas quickly. The fact is, we work well together and are able to avoid red tape or bureaucratic slowdowns that keep many other (more established) companies from launching updates and enhancements quickly. We listen to feedback from you, we make a plan, and we implement that feedback quickly.

At FOREVER Live! 2018, we received several interesting requests and points of feedback. After the event ended, our team met up and discussed these opportunities. We set out a timeline and got to work. And now, less than a month later, all four of the most requested enhancements are in place. Go ahead and check them out now - as of this morning, they're live on!

Enhancement 1: Filters for File Type

You can now sort by file type in your FOREVER Library! You can still filter by "Not in Album," "Not Tagged," and "Neither Tagged Nor in Album." But now, you can also filter by Photos, Videos, Projects, and Documents!

Inkedfile type_LI.jpg

Enhancement 2: Ability to Move Files Between Albums in One Step

You can now move a photo between Albums in just one step! Rather than removing a file from your Album and then moving it from your Library into another Album, the middle step is completely cut out. Organize and rearrange to your heart's content in seconds!


Enhancement 3: Ability to Rearrange FOREVER Print Pages on Mobile Devices

Create a photo book in just a few minutes on your phone! You now have the capability to rearrange pages in your FOREVER Print projects right on your mobile device. The six photos below show you the steps for doing so. It's easy!


Enhancement 4: Support for MTS/M2TS Video Files

No photo necessary for this one. You can now upload MTS and M2TS video files into your FOREVER Account! Now that FOREVER offers permanent video storage, we hope to ensure that you can save all video types for generations.

There you have it. We are listening to you and your concerns! We hope that these enhancements will make your FOREVER experience smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. Joins Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America Joins Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America

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