How to Find Peace of Mind with FOREVER® in 5 Steps

How to Find Peace of Mind with FOREVER® in 5 Steps

In this digital age, most of us have more photos and videos than we know what to do with. They’re strewn across multiple devices: phones, digital cameras, computers, and tablets. Most of us also have dozens of old photo albums, film reels, and VCR tapes on shelves or in closets, containing precious memories that are neither safe nor receiving the attention they deserve. It’s time to fix this issue for good. September is “Save ALL Your Memories Month” at FOREVER, so now is time to take control!

If thinking about this makes you feel stressed, you’re not alone. But have no fear - we can help you get organized! Below are five steps to saving, organizing, and sharing your most precious memories. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to actually enjoy those memories!

Step 1: Convert your physical memories

Converting your physical memories is the first and most important thing to do. In the past several years, we have seen the damage that can be caused by natural disasters such as fires and flooding. But more common issues such as mold, broken pipes, and aging are also enemies of your physical memories. Until your precious photos, videos, and documents are safely digitized, they are at a constant risk of being lost.

FOREVER Media Conversion Services can help. Our Conversion Team preserves countless memories safely every day. Here’s how it works: first, choose a conversion box (every box is insured, tracked, and water-resistant.) We’ll send it right to your door - you can just pack it up with memories and send it back to us. We’ll upload all images to your personal FOREVER Account with high-resolution downloads always available. You can also have some or all of your video uploaded as you choose or sent back to you on a flash drive! All original media will be returned after conversion is finished. It’s as simple as that!

Step 2: Protect your memories for generations

Once your memories are safely digitized, it’s time to make sure they’re secure for generations to come. USBs and external hard drives are an option, but they are not permanent solutions. They often last as few as 3-5 years.

Temporary cloud storage services such as Google Drive, DropBox, and iCloud are popular, but they are almost as insecure as hard drives. In section II(C) of the iCloud Terms and Conditions, Apple states that it does not guarantee that anything you store with them will not be damaged, corrupted, lost, or removed. In fact, the terms state that “it is your responsibility to maintain appropriate alternate backup of your information and data.” Doesn’t that seem awfully counter intuitive? After you stop paying for any of these services, they’ll remove your account and all of your memories with it.

FOREVER Storage® isn’t like these other photo storage services. We’re focused on providing you with a permanent digital home that will last for generations. The unique FOREVER Guarantee™ ensures that your photos and videos will last at least your lifetime plus 100 years. Over time, we’ll update your file formats so they’re never obsolete. You own your storage rather than renting it, and we never data mine, advertise, or require recurring payments.

Step 3: Organize your memories for easy enjoyment

Once your memories are safely preserved with FOREVER, you can organize them at your leisure. It may be overwhelming at first, but just take it a little bit at a time. A great way to start is by creating an album for each year and simply dividing up your photos that way. Gradually, you can create nested albums of particular events or periods of time within those albums. As you continue organizing, you can explore tagging options and adding descriptions to your photos!

Step 4: Bring your memories back into your life

This is your reward - now that your memories are organized, it’s time to celebrate them! With FOREVER Print, you can create gorgeous keepsakes in minutes online. Just choose a design, drop in your photo(s), and order. 1-2-3-Done! You could commemorate a family vacation with a premium photo book (great for coffee table displays!), print a single photo of your child on a flawless canvas, or create one-of-a-kind holiday cards or calendars (coming soon!). The FOREVER Print Shop guarantees 100% satisfaction and works diligently to make sure that each printed project is a stunning representation of the effort and love you put into creating it.

Step 5: Share your memories with those you love

Once you’ve created your keepsakes, it’s time to share them with those you love. After all, that’s why we capture and save memories in the first place! The archival-quality materials that the FOREVER Print Shop uses guarantees that these keepsakes can be passed down to your children, their children, and beyond. Just imagine how meaningful it would be to have a hand-crafted photo book that your great-great grandparent had created. That’s what you can do for the future generations of your family!

There you have it. Organizing your memories won’t happen overnight, but the peace of mind you will have knowing that your family memories are safe will be worth it. Get started today!

What Took Me So Long?!

What Took Me So Long?!

Sheri Meissner Leads Team Empower in Sharing FOREVER

Sheri Meissner Leads Team Empower in Sharing FOREVER