Press Release: Forever Builds its North American Media Processing Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Press Release: Forever Builds its North American Media Processing Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Forever, Inc. invests in North American Media Processing and Conversion facility to help families digitize and save their memories at (GREEN BAY) March 8, 2016. FOREVER the complete memory-keeping solution where moms and other family members collect, curate, and celebrate their memories now and for generations, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its Green Bay retail operation to include its North American Media Conversion and Processing facility.

The investment comes 5 months after FOREVER opened its first retail location in Green Bay, and acquired the assets of Life Highlights Digital Media – a Wisconsin based company that specialized in digitizing and organizing old photos and videos for families.

While speaking from the Company’s home office in Pittsburgh, FOREVER Founder and CEO Glen Meakem said,

“The skills and work ethic of our FOREVER Green Bay Team are exceptional and mirror the ethos of the entire FOREVER Team. I’m thrilled with the tremendous growth we are experiencing as a company in general, and the progress we are making with our digital conversion services in particular. Our Green Bay facility is making great contributions towards our ability to help people easily and securely digitize, organize, and save their memories for generations. Despite the fact that we root for different football teams, we share the vision that family memories are important, need to be collected and shared, and should never be lost.”

A growing number of people, FOREVER Ambassadors, genealogists, and historical societies are seeing the power of FOREVER’s unique and complete memory keeping solution, which includes digital conversion, permanent shareable storage, organizational tools, desk top software, mobile apps, sharing capability, print capability, and a patent-pending guarantee. 

That’s why the Green Bay and De Pere Antiquarian Society is teaming up with the company. FOREVER will digitally convert some of the Society’s most valuable works, and permanently store them online.

“We are pleased to have FOREVER’s Media Processing Center located in Green Bay, WI,” said Brenda Broberg, WI Regional Executive and Leader of the new North America Media Processing Center.  “Forever’s commitment to Wisconsin is apparent with the new jobs and strategic relationships this investment brings to our region. And the new Processing Center is centrally located to better serve our Ambassadors and customers in the U.S. and Canada.”

FOREVER currently has over 1,600 ambassadors from around the world who will send their customers’ photos, videos, and documents to the North America Media Processing Center where they will be converted to digital formats and uploaded to


About Forever

Forever, Inc. offers the world’s first and only guaranteed permanent online media storage and sharing service, which is backed by the patent-pending Forever Guarantee. Forever was founded and is led by Glen Meakem, previous Founder and CEO of the highly successful business-to-business e-commerce company, FreeMarkets, Inc. The company offers highly secure, triple backed up cloud storage, with encryption of critical locator data. It also offers award winning mobile apps for iOS and Android that automatically back up to member accounts at, as well as web and desktop apps so customers can upload, access, edit, organize, and protect their content from virtually any device. Forever guarantees customers who buy “permanent sharable storage” that their photos and memories will be saved for their lifetimes plus 100 years with the goal of many generations beyond. The company can make this guarantee because a large portion of the money customers pay for “permanent storage” is deposited into the Forever Guarantee Fund, a restricted fund that acts like a permanent endowment or reserve, with earnings paying for storage, bandwidth, and migration to new file formats for generations into the future.

The company also offers Forever Artisan, the leading digital desktop scrapbooking software, and Forever Historian -- photo organization and management software, as well as Forever digital art, desktop uploader (Forever Valet), digital photo project design applications (such as Forever Projects), printing, photo scanning and media conversion services.

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About the Green Bay and De Pere Antiquarian Society

The Green Bay and De Pere Antiquarian Society is the nation’s oldest philanthropic historical society, and is dedicated to holding and preserving its most valuable cultural and historic artifacts in community trust. The Society’s collection includes an extremely rare signed photograph of President Lincoln, and the world’s third largest collection of works by famed illustrator and artist Howard Pyle.

Press Contact: Joanna Huss 724-420-0870

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