Trust the Company, Not the Proximity, for your Media Conversion

Trust the Company, Not the Proximity, for your Media Conversion

One of the most common concerns for people considering converting their memories (photos, VCR tapes, negatives, film reels) into a digital format is whether the company performing the service is trustworthy. Family photos and videos are priceless - handing them over to a stranger is scary. To many, even scarier is the idea of shipping those precious items to a distant location to be converted.

Because of this, too many people end up not getting their items converted at all. Others opt for what is in their opinion the safer option - handing their memories over to a local service or person to be digitized. Knowing that family photos and videos are close by while they are being converted can be a major comfort.

But the expertise and reputation of the service doing the converting is much more important than its proximity. Denise Cummings, a FOREVER customer, can attest to that.

In 2014, Denise decided that it was time for her to convert some of her old family videos. She came across a Groupon ad which was offering an incredibly low price for conversion. Best of all, the service was being offered by a local company, King Tapes, run by Clay Giroux right in Denise’s home city of Mesa, Arizona.

“When I took my tapes in, I could see that the owner got a big response from the ad,” said Denise. “He told me to check back in with him after 3 months.” Three months went by and when Denise checked in, she was told that her tapes were not yet done. Every time she checked in after that, she received no answer.

“I started to get worried,” Denise said. “My husband and I drove out to see what was going on, and we found a letter on the locked door of the store that said it was out of business.” There was no way to get in to retrieve her items.

Nobody ever got ahold of the owner.

“I didn’t know what to do, said Denise. “I put out a post on Facebook asking if anyone else had given their photos to this guy. A lady contacted me and told me that she had, and we traded information. The community newspaper I worked for at the time also published a story about the situation.”

The story got attention. Eventually, the City of Mesa was able to gain access to the store and recover the items that had been abandoned there.

Photo: Parker Leavitt/The Republic via

Photo: Parker Leavitt/The Republic via

“When I went in to pick up my items, the walls in the whole room were just lined with all of these people’s tapes. They were all in a big jumble in open containers, stacked with no rhyme or reason. Luckily, I had all my stuff together in a specific container which I recognized. I was truly one of the lucky ones. There’s no way that everyone will be able to find all their items in that mess.” Worst of all, Denise said, “nothing anyone brought in even ended up being converted.”

What happened to the priceless items that were unable to be matched with their owners? Tragically, they probably ended up in a landfill.

When asked whether the whole thing was just a scam, Denise said that she didn’t think so. “It was just a guy who offered a complex service at an insanely low price. People came in huge numbers to bring him their items. He got in over his head and just shut down.”

You can read more about this story here.

That’s why Denise now only trusts companies with proven experience and skill to handle her memories. “I took those same tapes [that I had recovered] and put them in a FOREVER Media Conversion Box. I sent them in, they were converted, and they came back.” All FOREVER Media Conversion Boxes (which are sent directly to the purchaser’s door to be filled with memories for conversion) are water-proof, fully insured, and can be tracked during each leg of FedEx shipping. Our Conversion Team treats each memory with the utmost care and sends all memories directly back to the purchaser after conversion is done. Converted files are saved in a personal FOREVER Account to be shared with loved ones.

Denise is thrilled that her items are safely in digital form. “When I watch the tapes that I almost lost, it’s just unbelievable. Some of them I had never even watched before. One of them was my brother’s wedding video, and I’m so grateful that I still have that for him.”

As a result of this experience, Denise has formed a strong opinion on shipping items in for conversion versus having them converted locally. “I hand-delivered my memories to a local guy, and it was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made. They were out of my house for a good nine months, and I didn’t know if I’d ever get them back. A lot of people feel like if they’re walking their memories into a Costco store to have them converted, they’re safe because their memories are still local. But Costco sends them who knows where! Talk about getting your items mixed up with hundreds of thousands of others. The potential risk there is enormous.”

“I trust the FOREVER Media Conversion Center,” said Denise. “Digitization is what they do. They’re dedicated to it. They don’t also sell baloney and cheese.”

Have you been putting off converting your memories? Learn all about FOREVER Media Conversion Services here. Keeping your media safe is our top priority - our boxes are sturdy, water-resistant, and contain additional packing materials to help keep your media safe inside. You’ll also receive a tracking number from FedEx, allowing you to keep tabs on the location of your box. Once in our care, our trained technicians and white glove service ensures your media stays in perfect condition.

Gain the peace of mind of knowing that your priceless memories will be enjoyed by your children, grandchildren, and beyond! You’ll be glad you did.

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