"You've Restored My Life!"

"You've Restored My Life!"

This excellent story by FOREVER Ambassador Ann Matuszak and her colleague, Mollie Bartelt, shows how saving, organizing, and sharing special family memories can bring those memories new life! Ann and Mollie are also the founders of Pixologie, a photo organizing company located in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Ann and Mollie help clients organize their photos, digitize them, and “FOREVER-ize” the memories. When one client told them, “You’ve restored my life,” they were touched! When you have a lifetime of collected memories in boxes, envelopes, bins, and albums, it can be overwhelming. One of Mollie’s clients, Gen, had absolutely no idea where to start!

In the photo above, Gen is pictured with her niece, two grand nieces, and great grand niece. She feels the importance of preserving her family history so future generations of her family know the stories of their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Mollie traveled to Gen’s house to assess the situation. Gen had many boxes, albums, bags, and envelopes of photos, slides and even 8mm film. Here are the before photos:


During the initial sorting (pictured below), you can see that Mollie separated the slides out and left the photos in the envelopes. Once she could see all the envelopes, it was easy to sort them by date and then to remove the photos from the envelopes.


Mollie then sorted Gen’s heritage photos. After she went through Gen’s boxes and consolidated these photos, she was able to match up photos taken on the same day. She kept the photos that were in better condition and eliminated the duplicates. She then helped sort and digitize Gen’s memories. Nearly 8,000 photos, slides, film reels, and VHS tapes were saved!


Gen was so appreciative of being able to get her memories organized. She can now enjoy them again! Mollie uploaded Gen’s scanned photos to a FOREVER Account and now Gen is able to view her photos (and videos!) right on her iPad, reliving many long-forgotten memories. She feels so fortunate looking back over them, telling Mollie, “I’ve had a fairy tale life. You’ve restored my life!”

Below are Gen’s Family Heritage FOREVER Albums. She preserved her heritage photos from two generations before her.


Since her photos have been organized, Gen has had two photo books printed, including one about her grand niece. She is currently working on creating travel and family history photo books as well.

If you have a photo collection in need of some help and tender loving care, FOREVER is here to assist you. Before you know it, you can start enjoying your family memories once again and rest easy knowing that they will stay safe and organized for generations to come!

Ann Matuszak is a Memory Management Specialist who has loved photos all her life. She has worked with over 1 million photos from clients in the 20 years she has been in the photo organization industry. FOREVER has allowed Ann to enjoy not only her photos but those of her family as well. Ann truly believes that everyone she meets has a reason to use at least one of the many FOREVER products and services.

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