6 Tips To Get The Best Halloween Photos of Your Kids

6 Tips To Get The Best Halloween Photos of Your Kids

It’s that time of year where kids of all ages will be dressed up as everything from pumpkins to princesses, superheroes to cereal boxes, and ghosts to goblins. You’ll of course want to get the best photos of your little monsters, so here are some helpful tips to avoid the fright of lost memories.

1. Start thinking about photos when you begin decorating. If you're decorating your house, get the most out of your efforts by using a specific decorated area as a backdrop to help set the mood for your Halloween photo shoot. Whether it's a simple pumpkin and hay bale in the yard or a swath of cobwebs on the porch, there's no end to the possibilities. If you'll be taking pictures as it gets dark, consider your porch or an indoor location where you can control the lighting. You can also create a more classic backdrop by hanging a bed sheet or tablecloth on the wall.

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2. Pick a spot and take a test shot before Halloween. The easiest way to get good photos is to shoot in good light, and when the kids are anxious to start trick-or-treating, you don't want to be struggling to get a clear picture of their outfits. Ask someone to stand in your designated photo spot a few days in advance. Make sure it's at the approximate time that you expect to be taking photos on Halloween night, so the lighting is the same. This doesn't need to take more than a minute or two, it's just a quick check to avoid unexpected difficulties later. If you’re using a smartphone, check out some of our other tips from professional photographer Nick Kelsh.

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3. Start early on Halloween. Make sure you have enough time to get photos before heading out trick-or-treating, that way the costumes are still in great condition and the kids aren't tired or riding a sugar high. If your trick-or-treating starts in the early evening before it gets dark, you'll have great evening light to work with! If your lighting conditions will be less than ideal, consider using your porch or somewhere indoors with nice lighting.

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4. Give them something to do. Props and action cues are your friends! Keep kids focused on something other than the fact that they're getting their pictures taken. This will help you capture more authentic moments and expressions. If they have a prop like a broom or lightsaber, ask them to strike a couple action poses. Maybe ask them to show off a small pumpkin they've decorated. When managing groups of kids, have them imagine a scenario where they are teamed up with their favorite cartoon or superhero, defeating the enemy!

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5. Get shots of their full costume and a couple close-ups. You'll want to get some full-body shots for sure, but don't forget to grab a couple close-ups too. Halloween's a great time for funny faces. You can quickly get a variety of emotions and really capture your child's personality. If they’re wearing a particularly ornate or interesting costume, it's also a good idea to get close-ups of those details that might otherwise be missed.

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6. Take photos of the whole experience. Hopefully you've captured some great before-the-night-started shots, but don't forget to document the rest of the evening! If your kids are young enough that you'll be accompanying them, snap a couple early shots of them approaching someone's door. Either way, don't forget to get a shot of their candy haul when they get back!

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Halloween is a fun and adorable night and a great time capsule of the interests and growth of your children. Hopefully these tips help you capture those memories, so you can look back on them before they start thinking that a hoodie and a prop counts as a costume.

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