Forever Designer Interview: Little Feet Digital Designs

Forever Designer Interview: Little Feet Digital Designs


Welcome to the seventh Forever Designer Interview! Each month we sit down with a different designer, and ask them what it’s like to be a digital artist. To start the new year, we’re speaking with Little Feet Digital Designs' Janet Carr.

1.How did you get started as a designer, and for how long have you been doing this?

I have been designing for about 5 years (on and off). How did I get started… well, I actually started out as a Digital Creative Team Member for Creative Memories. After working with the CM/ CT for quite some time, I was asked if I would be interested in being a content designer for them. My answer was… ABSOLUTELY and I have never stopped from that point forward. Funny note – some of my prior work is still for sell under Creative Memories in the Forever store. It still puts a smile on my face to see my older designs and am gratified to know that my kits are still being used.

2.Do you draw inspiration from specific artists or designers? If so, who? 

I would say that my inspiration comes from the stories of others. A story inspires me much more than an image. It is such a humbling privilege and experience to be alongside someone who trusts you enough to share their story, their life. We each have a unique story, no two are alike and I embrace the opportunity to help and to inspire others to document and express those stories through scrapbooking in their personal artistic style.

3.What is your personal design philosophy? 

Through my designs, my hope is to help others feel more confident about their personal writing voice and realize that every story is important and should be told. Every person is born into life as a blank page – every person leaves life as a full book and we are each characters in each other’s story. Documenting our lives and those around us brings us together, it creates empathy, understanding and brings validity to our lives. Our stories are our lives and our lives are our stories and I am passionate about helping people document theirs.

4.Do you have a personal favorite art kit or series of art kits that you’ve created? 

At the moment my favorite is my new series ’52 Narratives’.  52 Narratives is a series of 52 individual mini kits that include a prompt that invites you to document your life. My goal with these prompts is to spark a desire in you to write more/tell more of the stories about the life you’re living.  There are four new prompts/mini kits that will be released every month, at the end of the year you will have told 52 stories. Each monthly kit(s) and theme will coordinate with add-on packs. Each kit contains everything you need to tell your story of the week.

5. Do you have any advice for someone out there who may want to be a designer themselves?

Be true to yourself and your creative style. Don’t try to conform to the trends … create your own path. When you are true to your own individual style, you allow your individuality and uniqueness to shine through. Respect the opinions of others but do not conform to stereotypes or their expectations.

6. What do you like to do for fun, or in your spare time? 

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As we are still fairly new ‘empty nesters’ and my husband being newly retired… top of our list, travel… we both share the love of photography and adventure. We also love to cook together, read and in the warm months (which is most of them here in Texas) hang out in our pool. We are having fun discovering and writing this new chapter of our life and I am having fun scrapbooking it!

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