The Best Inspiration comes from the Smallest Details

The Best Inspiration comes from the Smallest Details

I have always been a crafty and creative person. From the time I can remember, I loved playing with paper, scissors, pencils, and crayons. While my favorite colors (black and white) are not really colors at all, I love the look of bright shades and intricate designs. I always hear that there is love in the details but, ironically, my favorite saying is, “the devil is in the details.” It can take just one little thing to ruin a moment or to make it truly spectacular. My friends say that I am “extra,” but they know that when I put my seal of approval on something, it will be fabulous.

To make sure my “fabulous-ity” stays on point, I am in constant search of inspiration. I can be inspired by the pattern on a salt shaker, a television commercial, or just by walking down the street. As I said, the devil is in the details, and the little intricacies of brick patterns on a house, the texture of a tree, or the design on someone’s jacket fascinate me. I find inspiration in absolutely everything and everyone I encounter.

On my mother’s 60th birthday, I wanted to do something special for her without breaking the bank. We were having a family dinner at a nice steakhouse, and it was my job to make her party stand out. I wanted to make it as memorable as possible for her and her guests, and not just another dinner.  

I first thought through all the things I knew my mother loved, and brainstormed how I could turn her passions into an incredible celebration. My mother’s favorite color is red, so that was where my inspiration began. I then thought about elegant gifts that I could give her guests.

I realized that the guests would love wine (as would most people), but I couldn’t just give them a regular bottle of wine. Searching in one of my family albums, I was reminded of my mother’s obsession with ribbon and bows.  How could I make ribbon a part of the celebration? I know! I tied ribbons and bows on the wine bottles and gift bags, and then personalized all of them with paper charms adorned with a childhood photo of my mother.

Wine bottle -close up.jpg

I also know that my mom absolutely loves roses; she even keeps decorative ones throughout her home. I knew I had to do something with red roses (her favorite color and flower). We didn’t have a lot of space to work with though, so a large bouquet wouldn’t work. After all, we only had one table to decorate which also served as our dining table.  I needed to make sure that the items I brought were compact.

Then, I thought about how many restaurants have little vases holding one flower each. It dawned on me that I could do something similar. I gathered empty chili sauce jars out of my recycling bin, washed them, and wrapped them with cream colored paper and a big red bow.  I was able to fit 3 roses and some baby’s breath in each jar. They looked perfect on the table.

 I also decided to make place card settings adorned with roses that would serve a secret dual purpose. The cards doubled as thank-you notes from my mom. To keep her from seeing the design, I provided her with blank little white cards and asked her to write a note to all the guests who would be coming. I also created tag designs on my computer to add an extra dash of style.   

Place cards -signed.jpg
Place cards - Howie one.jpg

Keeping with the youthfulness of her 60th birthday, I thought about all the children’s parties that I’d attended. What is the one thing that attendees get most excited about? That’s right - the candy bag. I created candy bag toppers and filled bags with all my mother’s favorite candies.

Bags and tags - Candy with Card.jpg

While my mother knew she was having a birthday dinner, she was completely surprised by all of the detail which was inspired by her life. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look for it.

Happy Birthday -Happy Tameka and Mom.jpg
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