How to Get The Best Photos of Your Family This Fall

How to Get The Best Photos of Your Family This Fall

Have you ever heard of the term “microadventure?” Until a few years ago, I hadn’t either. My husband introduced me to the term made popular by Alastair Humphreys, British adventurer and author. I couldn’t be more in love with the concept. You can probably figure out what it is: a short (usually) outdoor adventure, close to home, that anyone can do in a day. It gets you out of your house, out of your routine, and into something new. And you know what “they” say – trying something new is good for you.

Wikipedia (the most reliable source) states, “Microadventures have proved popular with people whose lives are busy with work and/or family commitments.” When I read this, I raised my hand and pointed to my head and thought, “This is me!” Okay, I didn’t actually do that, but I’m sure this rings true for a lot of us. Between work, children’s activities, and building our own home (yes, my husband and I are building our new home ourselves), my life gets very busy. And goes by fast! Don’t get me started on how quickly life moves; I could write a whole other post about that.

So how can we fit more adventure into our busy lives? Start by planning your first or next microadventure. To me, fall is a perfect time of year to pack up the kids, camera, and snacks, and head north (or whatever direction) – preferably to a higher altitude – for a day trip. Fall in itself is a time of change. The ordinarily green leaves turn into gorgeous tones of yellow, orange, and red. If you want to capture some amazing photos, the higher you go, the better the views become.

Not sure where to go? Ask your friends for the best beautiful or family-friendly spots in your area. If hiking is not your thing, you can take a scenic drive that gets you to somewhere beautiful.

The important thing is to make your day memorable by doing something out of your normal routine. You’ll want to capture these moments, so make sure your family is looking good. These photos may even make the perfect holiday card! Dress up your young ones in the clothes they love, but in colors you want. Blue jeans paired with red, burgundy, forest green, orange, or gold – solid and simple patterned shirts are great choices. With the right shades, even a dark teal or purple will complement the fall foliage very nicely.

Here are a few suggestions for shooting those great fall photos:

If you’ve got a tripod, go ahead and use your timer to snap a few shots of the whole fam in front of beautiful foliage. Many of us (including me) don’t have a tripod, but the good news is our phones can capture beautiful memories even if we’re not all in the shot. All of these pictures were taken on my iPhone too! You can grab a quick selfie or work the wide angle to get a great photo.


If there’s ever a time to use potty talk around your kids, this is it. Goof around and loosen up, and you’ll get those bright smiles you’re looking for.


Change your angle. Shoot from above or below and you’re bound to get some interesting shots.


Have your kids play and throw around the leaves. You’ll be able to capture the excitement, wonder, and joy on their faces.


Tell your kids to run ahead and take their pic from behind. Then have them turn around and run toward you. Bonus points to those who can get their kids to hold hands as they do this!


Remember the rule of thirds. Have your subject(s) in the left or right third of the photo and capture the beautiful fall landscape that surrounds them in the other two thirds.


Step behind some colorful branches and shoot some photos. It’s fun to get a blurred foreground with your subject in focus behind. Phone tip: If the leaves are in focus but your kids are not, tap on your child’s face on the screen. This will help adjust the focus. 


Don’t get upset when something like this happens, as in the following image. Snap the pic anyway! When this moment occurred, I was one frustrated mom, but I’m so glad my husband captured it. We laugh every time we see it! Please note, they really do love each other!


I hope these suggestions get you out of your routines and doing something fun with your family. Take the opportunity to enjoy the weather and beautiful colors that autumn brings us, and create some great memories that you can celebrate for many years to come!

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