Protecting Your Digital Content

Protecting Your Digital Content


Earlier this year, FOREVER was the Gold Sponsor at RootsTech, a leading global family history and technology conference with tens of thousands of attendees.  During the conference, my Team and I talked about the importance of saving and protecting important memories. 

We encouraged attendees to try to put a monetary value on their photos.  We asked them, “How much money would you need to give up every photo, family portrait, scrapbook, slide, photo album, and video that you own?  $10,000?  $100,000?  $500,000?!”  Overwhelmingly, attendees rejected the notion that any amount of money could replace their precious photos and videos.

The fact is many of us view our photos as priceless. A GfK North America survey found that 64% of people would rather keep their photos than receive $1 million.  The same survey shows that people value photos five times more than money, and would grab photos from a burning home before grabbing their wallets. 

We value photos because they remind us of life’s special occasions, the people we care about, and our important experiences.  They provide a glimpse into the lives we live, embody our memories, and become a significant part of our legacy. 

Photos - along with videos, sounds, and other physical documents - are tangible assets that help us to share our memories with the people who matter most and then pass our legacies on to future generations.  85% of Americans believe that it is important for their great-grandchildren to see the photos they’ve taken. 

And yet, many people don’t take the necessary steps to protect their priceless photos.  In fact, 54% of Americans say they have lost old photos.  And digital photos are vulnerable to devastating storage failures.  Hard drives fail frequently (more than 5% fail during their first year of use, and 20% fail by year four). Temporary or free cloud storage services don’t have long term commitments with their users.  They discard photos when users stop paying or are no longer valuable to advertisers.  And social media sites immediately compress photos, destroying the original quality.

Protect with Cover and Concealment

When I served in the United States Army, I learned that there are two ways to protect yourself in combat.  The first is to find cover.  The second is to conceal yourself. 

Cover means physical protection.  Whether it’s a foxhole, a collection of logs, or a concrete bunker over your head, you have something to hide behind that blocks incoming attacks.  Cover provides a means of protection against an aggressive risk.

Concealment means people don’t know you’re there.  You’ve made yourself invisible to the enemy.  While it’s ideal to have both cover and concealment, if circumstances grant you just one, concealment is better, because you’re not a target.

At FOREVER we use the best cover available by securing your memories at world-class data centers with redundant backup systems in multiple global locations.  We use industry leading encryption to prevent data breaches, and also to preserve your memories through natural disasters, wars, terrorism, economic depressions, and other major social disruptions.  No matter the type of aggressive risk, FOREVER’s high quality cloud storage is designed to provide cover and protect information for generations.

In addition, FOREVER is driven by a belief that families should be able to connect and share their memories in a concealed or private environment.  Our business model is built on trust.

We don’t claim any rights to your content. Unlike Google, we aren’t addicted to the intimate details of your life, so we never secretly download your memories or distribute your personal information to others.  In fact, we provide breakthrough legal and digital rights protection, enabling FOREVER Owners to clearly maintain all the rights to their digital assets. 

You are in control of your memories and information.  We aren’t.  So you are concealed at FOREVER in a way that you simply can’t be with Facebook or Google, because their business models are built on data-mining your content and selling your information to advertisers.

To credibly safeguard your memories we’ve built the FOREVER Guarantee Fund, which is the world’s largest permanent investment fund dedicated to digital content preservation.  The fund is carefully managed and designed to generate income and grow over time like an endowment. 

The vast majority of money members pay for FOREVER Storage is placed into this restricted perpetual investment fund, and invested to support the long-term preservation of content.  In this way, we are able to offer our patent-pending “FOREVER Guarantee.”  We promise that your photographs, videos, documents, and audio files will be available to you and those you choose to share them with for your lifetime plus 100 years.

And, while we cannot guarantee more than your lifetime plus 100 years, our goal is to safeguard your memories for many generations beyond the guarantee.  Not only are we a leading internet and software company, but in many ways, we’re also the first insurer of peoples digital content. 

The truth is, there’s no perfect data security system.  But while no security is perfect, we know that the world is a risky place with many dangers, and we do everything we can to manage that risk and protect your memories for you. 

64% of Americans wouldn’t willingly trade their photos for $1 million, and yet without a permanent digital storage solution, those photos are at risk of being lost every day.  

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