Canvas Prints Are Now Available in Forever Projects

Canvas Prints Are Now Available in Forever Projects

Today, the Forever team is happy to announce the addition of canvas prints to Forever Projects. Now, when you click the Projects tab, you will have the option of creating a whole new kind of photo project - the Canvas Print. It's easy, simple, and fun! Let's take a look, and see how it's done!

Select a Category

Now, in addition to Photo Books, Calendars, and Cards, you will be able to select Canvas Prints from the "Select a Category" dropdown menu in the Let's Get Creative section of Forever Projects.

Select a Product

After you select Canvas Prints, choose a size. We have 5 dimensions to pick from!

Select Orientation

After you choose which dimensions you'd like, select an orientation: landscape or portrait.

Adding Photos

Next, you'll see the following screen. Here, you're encouraged to add one or more photos to your canvas print. Click on the large plus sign to begin adding the photos.

Selecting Your Photos

Now, you can choose which photos you'd like to place on your canvas print, and you can arrange them to your liking.

Saving and Purchasing

You can save your projects, and come back to them at any time - simply click the Save icon. Once you're ready to purchase them, click the green Order button.

Get Started Today! Save 10% OFF until October 15th with promo code CANVAS10:

Make A Canvas Print
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