How Angel Gowns Brought Families Together

How Angel Gowns Brought Families Together

At the FOREVER Live! 2018 conference last week, Ambassadors Phyllis Offenkrantz & Jean Martelli were sitting together at the 80’s night dinner, talking with the rest of the table about what everyone had been doing in the 80’s. Many said that they had gotten married and had children in the 80’s and that led to talk (and photos from FOREVER Accounts!) of wedding dresses. 

Jean said that her neighbor, Diane (who is also her FOREVER customer!), had made Jean’s wedding dress into “Angel Gowns” and donated them to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Diane’s daughter Ashley lost a newborn twin, Wrigley Hoffman, from the NICU at Johns Hopkins and had started a charity called Wrigley’s Wish. Diane sews Angel Gowns (clothing in which lost newborns can be buried) from donated wedding gowns, and the Angel Gowns are then given to the families for the burial of their precious children.

Jean showed us her wedding photo so that we could see her dress, and then showed a photo of the gowns and blankets that had been made from her gown.


One of the photos was of a set of blankets with bunting made from her gown. The names on the blankets were “Ethan” and “Connor.”


Phyllis was amazed! Ethan and Connor’s mom, Jill, is her daughter’s best friend! Because of the family connection, Phyllis was very aware of all that had gone on with Jill’s family during the time that they lost their precious child. What are the odds?!

Jean contacted Diane and Ashley and shared the story and Phyllis contacted her daughter Becca to do the same. Ashley and Becca both contacted Jill, who got back to Phyllis. Everyone commented about what a small world it is!

How wonderful that Jean had these photos in her FOREVER Account and could access them from her phone in just a few seconds! We are Forever Grateful for the wonderful service FOREVER provides to help us save our photos and memories.

If you’d like to know more about these two great organizations, please check out their websites.

Wrigley’s Wish ( )

Wrigley’s Wish (

Twin to Twin Transfusion (TTTS)  ( )

Twin to Twin Transfusion (TTTS)  (

Sharing Stories Through Scrapbooking

Sharing Stories Through Scrapbooking

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FOREVER Supports Make-A-Wish®