Success Stories: FOREVER Referral Program

Success Stories: FOREVER Referral Program

The FOREVER Referral Program has been live for nearly two months! In that time, we've expanded the FOREVER Family by close to 1000 people just through referrals. We are absolutely thrilled with how the program has helped expand our reach and encouraged users to share FOREVER! After all, everyone deserves a private network in which to record and preserve their personal legacies. is the only place on the web right now where that is possible!

Almost one month ago, we made a change to the Referral Program to include Ambassador Tag-Along. This means that when a FOREVER user refers a friend, her Ambassador automatically tags along and becomes her friend's Ambassador, too. Not only does this option ensure that more FOREVER users have access to Ambassadors for assistance and support, but it also encourages Ambassadors to share FOREVER far and wide! After all, if an Ambassador's customer refers a friend, who refers her friend, and so on...that's astoundingly quick business growth for that Ambassador!

At the home office, we were curious about how Ambassadors have been using Ambassador Tag-Along to grow their businesses. I decided to investigate and personally interviewed three Ambassadors who have had recent success in sharing FOREVER. I'm excited to share with you what I've found out!

Michaela: How have you found success in sharing FOREVER?

Kim: My passion is with FOREVER! I do everything I can to get involved in the community, attend events, and get in front of groups of people to talk about FOREVER. The first step is getting people introduced to FOREVER Storage® and using the Intro Account. Then it's important to focus on engagement, follow-up, and education. I attend FOREVER Live! every year and that has helped with my own education!

Kathy: The most important thing for me was figuring out how to really sell the product. I've also focused on helping people avoid procrastination. Many potential customers will say, "I'll work on preserving my memories when I have time or after I retire." But the time to start is now!

Natalie: I hold regular events and try to stay visible to customers and potential customers. It's important to bring contact information everywhere to create a line of communication! I also teach a photo organization class at my local adult school. Within 3 classes, I've had 15 people excited about FOREVER!

Michaela: How have the Referral Program and Ambassador Tag-Along helped you share FOREVER?

Kim: Ambassador Tag-Along has inspired me to be more proactive in signing new customers up for Intro Accounts. I have a system set up that allows potential customers to choose whether they want to try a FOREVER Account, and if they do, I sign them up on the spot and encourage them to verify their email. The Referral Program has also led me to successfully encourage my customers to share more with friends.

Kathy: The program has been an extra incentive for people who are genuinely interested in FOREVER but are hesitant to take the next step. The $10 sign-up coupon and the chance to receive $5 referral rewards is a motivator to take action. Many potential customers think that using FOREVER will be difficult until they actually try it. It's just about getting them to that step.

Natalie: Ambassador Tag-Along will help me share FOREVER! And the referral program encourages passionate customers to share FOREVER with friends. It's very easy to use!

Michaela: Any tips for Ambassadors looking to grow their influence in sharing FOREVER?

Kim: If you plan to put information or offers out there but don't want to follow up with potential customers, don't even bother! It's all about the follow-up.

Kathy: Figure out an effective way to help people avoid procrastinating. People need FOREVER now, not tomorrow!

Natalie: Take the Ambassador Certification Program so that you feel confident in your own understanding of the product! And put yourself out there. That's the only way to share FOREVER far and wide!

The results are in, and they are what we suspected: the FOREVER Referral Program has made it easier for Ambassadors and their customers to share FOREVER! Furthermore, Ambassador Tag-Along has expanded Ambassador influence. And that is a great thing because, after all, Ambassadors are the experts. They treat every customer as a friend, and that's exactly how customer experience should be! If you would like extra support using FOREVER and don't have an Ambassador yet, you can find one here.

P.S. Thanks very much to Kim Scott, Kathy Povolny, and Natalie Endozo for their wonderful and genuine responses!

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You're Invited to Touring Your FOREVER™ Account with Shelley!

You're Invited to Touring Your FOREVER™ Account with Shelley!

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