Our Improved Print Products are a Hit!

Our Improved Print Products are a Hit!

Last week we shared the results from our recent survey of Forever Artisan® users. The feedback was unanimous: 100% of respondents say that the latest version of Artisan 5 is the best version of Artisan or its predecessor, StoryBook Creator, they’ve ever used!

 But we didn’t tell the whole story! We also spent time reaching out to Forever™ Members who print regularly with us. In the past few months, we’ve made some significant improvements to the quality of our print products, and we wanted to hear how our Members have received these changes.

We’re thrilled to report that our upgraded print products are also a huge hit. Everyone we spoke to reported a clear improvement in the quality of his or her photo gifts. Here’s a sample of what a few of them had to say:

“The quality of the pages and layflat binding in the new photo books are both noticeably improved."

“I was very happy with the print quality on the three mugs that I recently purchased. I created three different ones, using three different templates. Each template had different size photos for each mug. And no matter how large or small, the image was crisp and clear. They are very different mugs, but the quality is the same on every one of them.”

"I received a canvas print as a surprise from my husband. The black and white photo translated beautifully to the material it was printed on; the image is sharp and clean and looks wonderful above my desk. My coworkers stop to comment on it from the hall outside my office - I am so pleased!"

“This is exactly what we were aiming for,” said Forever Director of Product Management & Customer Care, Nathan Bowers. “We spent months listening to feedback, and improving our product line to suit our Members’ specific needs. We still have a lot of work to do, but the changes we made recently have really paid off.”

What exactly are these changes? We’ve developed incremental improvements across our entire line of products, but we made the most dramatic upgrades to our layflat photo books. They now include:

·      Heavier satin coated papers

·      Thicker end sheets

·      Added vellum sheet

·      A tighter binding

·      A brand new option for a beautiful black leather cover

And most importantly, our photo books are as close to permanent as physical products can get. Head over to Forever Print Manager Matt Gray’s latest blog post to find out more about the impressive archival quality and "print permanence ratings" of our print products. 

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Forever and Print Excellence

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