FOREVER Incentive Trip 2018: Los Cabos

By Tara Claborn

I spent 5 magical days last week in Los Cabos, Mexico, with a wonderful group of friends, co-workers, and passionate share-ers of It was a trip full of fun, relaxation, strategy, and education. I was reminded how special FOREVER is and I can't wait to keep sharing it with the world!

My FOREVER Story: Laura M.

By Laura Maguire

When my sister turned 50, I made her a scrapbook photo album of pictures of her from birth through life. It had her as a baby, a young child, a teen, a bride and a young mother, and showed her amazing, unselfish personality that we all knew and loved. Now, all her grandchildren will get to know what a special grandmother they have.

My FOREVER Story: Lynnette F.

By Lynnette Feusner

People don't remember facts, they remember stories! This quote (above) frames my FOREVER Story. As a historian and genealogist, I have been researching my family history for years. For me, the FOREVER memory-keeping journey is two-fold.

We want to hear from YOU!

By Michaela Elliott

I found myself sitting at my desk this morning, pondering what sort of blog articles would appeal to our readers (AKA you!) Then, it hit me. Why should I ask myself what our readers like, when I can ask them? After all, nobody knows what you want better than you do!

What are Live Photos on iPhone, Anyway?

By Michaela Elliott

Have you ever looked back through the photos on your iPhone and noticed that some of them move? You could have sworn that you didn’t take a video, but this photo looks more like a short film than a still. You look more closely - the image is now stationary. What is going on?

Glen Meakem Shares FOREVER on "Live it Up!" with Donna Drake

By Michaela Elliott

It was an exciting day at the FOREVER home office recently when our Founder & CEO, Glen Meakem, appeared on the TV show, "Live it Up" with Donna Drake. We cheered as we watched Glen explain how he was inspired to start FOREVER, how the FOREVER Guarantee Fund works, and why everyone should have a private family network with FOREVER.

Time to Create Your Private Family Network

By Glen Meakem

Everyone is valuable and important, and everyone deserves to have a place to store and share unique content about themselves. Within your family, all the accounts should be connected into a “private family network” through Friends and Family sharing on FOREVER.


Stop Giving Facebook Your Data

By Richard Oneslager

We’ve been saying it for years, but recently it has become more certain than ever: Facebook is using us. Using a service requires that you trust it with your information, but Facebook has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted.

RootsTech2018 Wrap-Up

By Michaela Elliott

It’s hard to believe that RootsTech 2018 is already over. We spent this past weekend sharing the FOREVER mission with passionate memory-keepers from all over North America. It was an unbelievable experience! For those who weren’t able to attend, don’t worry: we have the inside scoop of the whole event.


The Fight to Save Our History

By Richard Oneslager

“History is a fight we’re having every day. We’re battling to make the truth first by living it, and then by recording and sharing it, and finally, crucially, by preserving it. Without an archive, there is no history.” - Maria Bustillos

FOREVER Genealogy Month is Coming to a Close

By Michaela Elliott

 spent the month of February celebrating family stories. We care about you and your memories and want to give you an opportunity to share them. So, we created FOREVER Genealogy Month and encouraged all of our followers to share FOREVER albums of their families on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, along with hashtag #foreverfamily.The results were thrilling!

How Many Photos Were Taken Last Year?

By Richard Oneslager

2017 was an amazing year, and we took a lot of photos - about 7.5 trillion, in fact. Take a look at this info graphic summarizing our findings for interesting facts about what we snap, who we snap, and where we snap - as well as what we do with all those photos! And enjoy capturing your memories this year - we expect to see even more photos taken in 2018!