Welcome to FOREVER!

Thank you for joining our family as a FOREVER Ambassador!

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You are now part of an elite community of purpose-driven Ambassadors who are working together with committed Home Office Team members to fulfill a common mission.  This mission is to help tens of millions of people around the globe save, organize, and share their lives and memories today, tomorrow, and for many generations GUARANTEED! 

Our mission is very important.  No other company or organization is attempting to provide complete memory keeping services (including media conversion, permanent storage, content organization, digital art, design software, and printing) for today and generations into the future.  No other company worries about permanent preservation and sharing, as well as privacy and security, like we do.  No other company has a business model with guaranteed, permanent storage – FOREVER Storage®.  The world needs FOREVER! 

We work every day to improve and expand our products and services and provide them to you and your Clients at the best quality, with great service, and at very competitive prices.  If you really care about family memories and helping others tell their story, then FOREVER is the company for you. 

As a FOREVER Ambassador who has embraced the FOREVER MISSION, you are committed to:

  • Using FOREVER Storage and other FOREVER products and services.

  • Sharing FOREVER with friends, family, neighbors, and other potential Clients.

  • Helping your Clients understand the uniqueness and importance of FOREVER, and the peace of mind that comes from saving, organizing, and sharing memories.

  • Developing and behaving professionally as part of a world class organization.  This includes showing respect to all Clients, Ambassadors, and Home Office Team Members.

  • Earning real compensation and rewards for your efforts and success.

We want you to be very pleased with FOREVER and confident in your future with our company and community.

Thank you again for joining our family.

Now, let’s get started!

Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

1: Get Your First Commission