5: Start Sharing FOREVER

Use your Personal Ambassador link and get $5 for each Client you bring to FOREVER!

Another valuable tool we offer all FOREVER Ambassadors is a personal Ambassador link.  Use your unique link to share FOREVER with your friends, family, and potential Clients.  When they click on your link, you receive $5 and are automatically assigned as their Ambassador when they create a FOREVER Account. 

Here are two ways to use your personal link:

  1. Share a photo or video from your FOREVER Account

    • Select a photo or video in your FOREVER Account.

    • Click “Share Photo” or “Share Video.”

    • Click “Copy link” and share it via email or social media.

  2. Simply share your personal Ambassador link

    • Navigate to your Back Office.

    • Find “Your Personal Website” link .

    • Click “Copy” and share the link via email or social media.

Using your unique Ambassador link is a great way to earn more money and grow your business. And guess what!  When your Clients refer their friends to FOREVER, they become your Clients, too!!!

You can learn more about your Ambassador link and FOREVER’s referral program here.

Share your link on a 5x7 card designed in FOREVER Print!

Design a 5x7 welcome card in FOREVER Print and mail it to your friends, family, and potential Clients.  Let them know that you are now a FOREVER Ambassador and encourage them to sign up for a FOREVER Account.

  1. Find “Your Personal Website” link in your Back Office and “Copy” it.

  2. Select the New Ambassador card design (available only to FOREVER Ambassadors) here.

  3. Paste your Ambassador link in the text box on the back of the card.

  4. Add your profile picture if you wish.

  5. Add your completed card to your cart and check out. Note: cards are sold in packs of 10 and include white envelopes.

Get your own card  here !

Get your own card here!

While you wait for your cards to arrive in the mail from the FOREVER Print Shop, make a list of everyone you want to share FOREVER with.


Conversation Starters

Instead of potential Clients asking YOU about FOREVER, you may need to strike up the conversation first.  Below are a few conversation starters to help you begin telling your FOREVER story.

  • Have you ever run out of space on your phone and couldn’t take any more photos or videos?

  • I love all your photos and videos on Facebook. Your family is adorable! Where do you store your photos?

  • I can’t wait to hear about your vacation!  I’m sure you took lots of photos and videos on your phone.  Where are you storing them? Or would you like to create a book of those memories?

  • When was the last time you backed up your precious photos and videos?

  • I just sent my old photos and videos in to be digitized.  Do you have old media that you need help with?

  • I’m having some friends over to organize photos and have some snacks and drinks. Would you like to come?

4: Plan for Success

6: Use FOREVER Storage®