4: Plan for Success

Understand what motivates you

In order to be successful in your FOREVER business, it’s important to know what motivated you to become a FOREVER Ambassador.  Asking yourself a series of questions and thinking critically about the answers can help provide clarity regarding how FOREVER has impacted your life.  That clarity will make it easier for you to share the value of FOREVER with others, find new clients, sponsor new team members, and ultimately be successful in your business.

Here are some great questions for you to consider.

  • Who shared FOREVER with you and what was it about them that impacted you?

  • What product or service do you personally find most valuable and enjoy using the most?

  • What inspires you the most about FOREVER? 

  • Why are you choosing to build a business with FOREVER?

  • What are your business goals?  What is your desired level of cash flow?

  • What are 5 things you would love to do, have, or become if money was not an issue?


Create a Dream Board

Many people enjoy using answers to questions like these to create a Dream Board.  A Dream Board is a tool that uses a collection of images, pictures, and words to help you visualize your desires and goals.  You collect these items and place them on a board (such as a poster board, peg board, or even a white board).  Dream Boards can motivate you by keeping your life and business goals at the top of your mind every day.

Dream Boards are so fun to create with Artisan!

Dream Boards are so fun to create with Artisan!

If you create a Dream Board, remember to take a picture, keep it in your FOREVER Account for easy access, and share it with your Upline.

You can also take a digital approach to creating a dream board.  pixels2Pages™ members have access to a great video guide on how to use FOREVER Artisan® 5 desktop software to create a desktop Dream Board.  Many of us spend a lot of time in front of our computers, so keeping our Dream Boards in view on our desktop is a great way to remind us of our desires.  Learn more about how to create a Dream Board in our blog post here! p2P members can click here to learn even more.

3: Plug into our Ambassador Community

5: Start Sharing FOREVER