7: Keep on Growing

Complete the Ambassador Success Plan

We offer an easy-to-follow success plan designed to help you understand the amazing FOREVER opportunity, enable you to confidently share FOREVER products and services with others, and grow your business over the long term.  This success plan is designed to be completed in 60 days (although you can complete it at any pace that makes sense for you).  While this plan revisits many of the topics covered in this Getting Started guide, it also teaches you how to:

  • Experience FOREVER and personally use all FOREVER products and services

  • Educate others about FOREVER

  • Sponsor new Ambassadors and grow your team

The first 30 days of the success plan focuses on the FOREVER experience. 

The second 30 days of the success plan provides a practical guide on how to successfully sell $1,000 in personal sales, gain at least 3 new paying Clients, and promote to Qualified Ambassador.

Complete the Ambassador Certification Program

Take your training to the next level with our Ambassador Certification Program.  This program is designed to help you understand three important topics:

  1. The unique FOREVER flagship product - FOREVER Storage®.  No other company provides you with the tools you need to tell your story for generations.  No other company provides you with a guaranteed “permanent digital home.” No other company has a guarantee like ours.

  2. The complete FOREVER memory keeping and sharing solution.  Only FOREVER provides a comprehensive and integrated set of products and services that enable Clients to do all their memory keeping in one place.

  3. What it takes to be a professional and successful FOREVER Ambassador.    

This program can be completed at your own pace.  Once finished, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement, a Digital “Certified FOREVER Ambassador” badge to use in your email signature, and 50 personalized FOREVER Business cards that identify you as a Certified FOREVER Ambassador.

Explore our Ambassador Marketing Materials

We offer a large collection of marketing materials designed to help you share FOREVER. All are available in our Ambassador Resource Album. Inside this album are nested albums that contain resources like:

Promotional Images & Flyers Albums

  • Monthly Flyer and Social Media Images – each month these are updated with the current month’s deals to share with Clients to help increase sales and exposure.

Sales & Marketing Tools Album

  • Step by Step cards for many products – find simple, easy to follow, Step by Step cards designed to help you and your Clients understand our wide selection of products and services.

  • Mini Catalog – This beautiful mini catalog illustrates the breadth of the FOREVER memory keeping platform. We encourage Ambassadors to purchase professionally printed catalogs and use them to share FOREVER and grow their businesses. They can be purchased in packs of 10 here.

  • FOREVER Trifold Brochures – use these brochures to easily introduce people to FOREVER. They can be purchased in packs of 25 here.

  • 5 things you should know about FOREVER – Designed to inspire conversations about FOREVER Storage, this 5x7 card highlights some of our unique value propositions. Print some of these cards to share with friends, family, and other potential Clients

Incentives Album

  • Compensation Guide and Achievement Program – Become familiar with these documents. Use them to understand our current Compensation and Achievement structure, to explain the Ambassador opportunity to potential Sponsors, and to coach current Team Members to succeed

6: Use FOREVER Storage®

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