Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #3

By Michaela Elliott

At FOREVER Live!, you'll learn all about how FOREVER Club can take your business to the next level! Be the envy of all your friends with awesome, exclusive FOREVER Club swag. And that's not all! All FOREVER Club members will be invited to special members-only sessions at FOREVER Live! You really don't want to miss out on this

Celebrating My Husband's Life

By Barrie Perrottino

My husband recently passed away and I needed pictures for the memory book I was creating for his Celebration of Life.  I wanted pictures of him alone as well as with each member of the family, but many of the photos I wanted needed to be digitized. With FOREVER Media Conversion Services, I was able to use all the pictures I wanted for the book and it turned out amazing!  I received many compliments on it, and the digitally converted pictures were of great quality. 

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #4

By Michaela Elliott

You know what July means, don't you? It means that FOREVER Live! 2018 is just one month away! Here in Pittsburgh, the Home Office Team is excitedly preparing to host over 300 of our favorite people in our home city. If you've been to Pittsburgh before, then we hope you're excited to be back. If you've never been, you're in for a treat! In this blog post, we'll share some of the best parts of Pittsburgh - and some of the awesome things you'll get to do here!

FOREVER Puts Privacy First and Makes Video a Priority

By Michaela Elliott

As security increasingly falls under the spotlight, it's inevitable that consumers will move toward technology companies that prioritize privacy over making a quick buck by selling user data to advertisers. FOREVER already does - and, with video capability right around the corner, there's nothing holding you back from preserving all your memories with FOREVER.

Recovering a Lifetime of Memories from the Ashes

By JoAnne Evenden

This story just goes to show how important pictures taken over our lifetime can be. Photos are so valuable! Thank you for the part that FOREVER played over the years in helping me help my cousin reclaim her photo legacy from the devastating 2017 wildfires in California.

Collaborative Albums are Here!

By Zach Schweitzer

✨ Just announced: Collaborative Albums have arrived at FOREVER! 

The Collaborative Albums feature is yet another great tool that allows you to easily collect, organize, save, and share meaningful memories with friends and family! Add photos to Collaborative Albums that you’ve been invited to and allow others to contribute to your own Collaborative Albums!

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #9

By Michaela Elliott

Are you curious about Reason #9 for attending our biggest and best event of the year, FOREVER Live! 2018? Did you tear yourself away from a family barbecue or pool party because you just couldn't stand the suspense? (Or, are you taking a break from your FOREVER projects? These Black Friday sales are insane, right?!) We understand that you're busy. That's why we're going to keep this week's blog post short and sweet:

Don't Miss FOREVER Live!™ 2018 - Reason #10

By Michaela Elliott

As you may have read in our blog post last week, there are so many reasons to attend FOREVER Live! that it's impossible to list them all. Between incredible personal and business growth opportunities, workshops dedicated to creative exploration, and tons of fun, there's no doubt that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We've selected our 10 Top favorite reasons to attend FOREVER Live!, and here is #10…

Remembering Chris

By Karen Speth

Thanks to the folks who created, my son Chris will never be forgotten. Organizing his life story was much easier because all the photos that his Dad, his grandparents, and I had ever taken of him are all in one place, permanently preserved and accessible to the whole family.